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How did Network Spinal Care change your life?

I had been on anxiety medication for 7 years and have gotten off of it completely due to Network Spinal Analysis. I can’t believe I was dependent on that medication for 7 years! Thanks to Dr. Amy Gunderson, NSA has eliminated my anxiety and helps a lot with stress, I’ve never felt better!

Liz C.

I went to see Dr. Tyler Lewis and the team at Self Unbound 3 months ago with the intention of getting my neck pain fixed. I was hopeful after watching a television segment about the NSA technique and figured I’d give it a try. I had no idea that the results would be so much farther reaching than just fixing my neck problems. I soon experienced better sleep patterns, deeper sleep, reduced anxiety and more mental clarity. I highly recommend the NSA treatment and suggest that you be prepared for amazingly beneficial results!

Dave L.

Dr. Amy and Dr. Tyler are some of the most talented and caring chiropractors today. They are truly unique gems in the DFW community. They have magic in their hands and love in their hearts to unleash the potential within everyone who lays on their table.

Sam M.


I have received network care for 3 years. And as a grad student who is chronically exposed to a lot of stress, I feel that much of my ability to stay both mentally, physically and emotionally keen is due to regular chiropractic care. I really appreciate working with both Drs. Tyler and Amy. Not only are they knowledgeable and experienced in their technique, but they have the ability to clearly communicate to me the process, educating me along the way. They are one of the few doctors I feel completely comfortable in expressing myself because of their genuine loving and welcoming presence.

Lynn T.


You might be thinking NSA sounds too good to be true, but i can tell you first hand-it works! 2 years ago I tore my biceps muscle in my right arm. I’ve been having a recurring injury in my arm and shoulder off and on for many years. I had been doing alternative therapies that provided temporary relief, but began to think there was a deeper problem connected to it. Dr. Amy is a yoga student at my studio, and after learning about Network Spinal Analysis from her, I decided to give NSA a try. The results are amazing! Since starting my entrainments (adjustments) 6 months ago, my pain has diminished and the strength in my arm has increased exponentially. It’s changed my life physically, as I am much more confident and able to do the things I did before the injury. In addition, my energy has increased and I feel much calmer. I’m grateful for Dr. Amy Gunderson and Dr. Tyler Lewis for coming into my life!

Lisa B.

Owner of Balancing Energy Yoga

I LOVE Dr. Amy Gunderson! She is wonderful! I see her myself for NSA and the changes I have seen have been amazing! Love the technique, love the practitioner, and her new space is BEAUTIFUL!

Jackie R.


As a nurse, yoga instructor, and massage therapist with over a decade of hands on experience, I have found Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) to be unparalleled in its ability to help an individual heal themselves through one of our highest human intelligences, our nervous system. Doctors Amy & Tyler are incredible conduits of this healing modality. After a year of working with them twice weekly, I no longer relate to my nuanced body aches and pains as purely structural imbalances but rather understand them to be beacons of light that guide my spiritual process and evolution. NSA with Self Unbound has helped and continues to help me refine my connection to myself on levels I never knew were possible through such a unique modality. I’m grateful for this practice and all of the lessons that true healing brings. Be brave and courageous, our bodies speak the yearnings of our soul.

Kristina R.

Registered Nurse

Listening to how passionate Drs. Amy Gunderson and Tyler Lewis were about their work and the positive shifts that could occur from these treatments, I couldn’t wait to see what could happen. After my first session I had SO much energy. I’ve completed 8 sessions and the changes I’ve made have been incredible! I have more energy, my body doesn’t ache as much, my scoliosis seems to be subsiding, my thought processes have shifted, I’m not as quick to judge, get angry or involve myself in drama, and my cravings for alcohol have lessened. NSA truly is an amazing, healing practice and somewhat addicting because you want to keep growing and becoming the best you can.

Emy B.

I actually ended up here after a car wreck I had about 9 months ago. I was visiting a chiropractor that made hard adjustments and seemed to be experiencing reoccurring symptoms. The same places in my back and neck were knotting up and pain would return a few days after getting adjusted. A dear friend and former mentor suggested Tyler and Amy. I’ve been getting adjustments from them for 3 months now and it has been an astounding experience. Not only does my body feel better and more relaxed, I’m also able to sleep all the way through the night again. I’m developing a deeper understanding of my body, how it heals and how it processes things. I’m also experiencing much more energy and clarity. I used to drink a pot of coffee a day, now there is some days I don’t even drink a cup. I have the energy to be more productive in my business and be a better father and spouse to my loved ones. Again, this has been a phenomenal experience for me. It’s no wonder Tony Robbins won’t go on stage without having one of these adjustments.

Chuck T.

I met Tyler and Amy last year, when I was suffering from neck pain. Their NSA practice was covered on the local ABC news channel, and I scheduled an appointment, hardly knowing what to expect. About 8 months later, I am thrilled to report that not only has my neck pain dissipated but I’ve also benefited from an improvement in my sleep patterns, my mental focus and my soul sense of self. You owe it to yourself to meet the Self Unbound team, and see what can be “unbound” from your own life! Fly free, unrestrained, with an increased aptitude to love yourself and others! There’s nothing better than living comfortably in your skin! Tyler and Amy are amazing practitioners and will walk with you on your own personal journey. Working with them has been one of my best decisions!

Dave L.

I came to Self Unbound about 8 months ago to help manage anxiety. I was having intense panic attacks, trouble sleeping, lock jaw/grinding teeth, etc., etc. I have tried psychotherapy, diets and yoga. While I found those to be helpful short-term, I was still wanting something more. Everything that I’ve gained in the 8 months of care has been just that – something WAY more. Plus, my panic attacks, restless nights, and teeth grinding have stopped. Self Unbound provides a natural healing process and the care of Dr. Amy and Dr. Tyler is exceptional; they are passionate, kind, and can help create life changing miracles.

Katy H.

Dr. Amy and Dr. Tyler are amazing. Kind, compassionate and extremely knowledgeable. I came to them for help with trauma – and it was a GAME CHANGER in an amazing way.

I feel exponentially better — bye anxiety and what I can now do….definitely bc of NSA.

If you’re looking to live your life to the fullest without anything holding you back — NSA is it — with Dr. Amy and Dr. Tyler.

Marina S.

Clinical Hypnotherapist, Another Way Therapy

Amy and Tyler are a powerful duo of healing. They have complimentary styles that move you through a treatment process that your own body regulates. NSA is very subtle, and very effective. My favorite part of the process is that I don’t have to THINK about the process, and I still get benefits!

Anyone who has emotional or physical ailments that they have been treated for by other modalities with no relief should try Self Unbound’s NSA treatments. You will not believe the release you will have when your connective tissue releases it’s strangle hold on your spine.

Jennifer K.

Artist, Stone Angel Studios

Dr. Amy and Dr. Tyler are two of my favorite people! Very intelligent doctors that specialize in an amazing technique that can benefit every single person. I highly recommend going and seeing them!

Dillon C.


Network is amazing and has changed my life! I’ve been receiving care from Dr Amy and Dr Tyler for almost a year and I am in awe of how much my life has changed and how amazing I feel every single day!

Leah G.

I’ve been working with Dr. Amy & Dr. Tyler since March 2017. The work itself has been absolutely life changing for me physically and emotionally. Plus, they are two of the most compassionate people I know!

Jodi G.

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