Our Services

Network Spinal Care

Network Spinal Care is a gentle, cutting-edge Chiropractic technique that addresses the root cause of pain and dis-ease and promotes self-empowerment and productivity!

Somato Respiratory Integration

Somato Respiratory Integration (Body Breath Integration) enhances and creates conscious awareness and participation with the body as a tool to experience life with increasing depth of internal connection and wider ranges of human expression.

Classes & Events

We offer monthly classes that focus on the principles of Network Spinal Analysis, diving deeper into a specific topic each month. We also host monthly community events where facilitators of various types come and share their gifts! We have done everything from Gong Meditations to Painting Classes.

Energetic Life Coaching

All the tools learned in our office are tools you can utilize in your everyday life to experience more richness and purpose, fully participate with every moment, and to claim a higher energy state. Our energetic life coaching gives you one on one time to master these tools and feel self empowered so you can expand your life beyond the stories and self limiting beliefs that once existed.

Pain Integration Experience

Learn to experience your pain differently and connect to yourself in ways like never before! Our Pain Integration Experience has helped people with Chronic Pain of 20+ years as well as people experiencing acute pain.