Welcome To Self Unbound!

Passionately Serving The Dallas Community Through Network Spinal Analysis!

Welcome To Self Unbound!

Passionately Serving The Dallas Community Through Network Spinal Analysis!

Welcome To Self Unbound!

Passionately Serving The Dallas Community Through Network Spinal Analysis!

Welcome to Self Unbound!

Passionately Serving The Dallas Community Through Network Spinal Analysis!

Welcome to Self Unbound!

Passionately Serving The Dallas Community Through Network Spinal Analysis!

Welcome to Self Unbound!

Passionately Serving The Dallas Community Through Network Spinal Analysis!

Our Services


Network Spinal Analysis

Network Spinal Analysis

Network Spinal Analysis is a gentle, cutting-edge Chiropractic technique that addresses the root cause of pain and dis-ease and promotes self-empowerment and productivity!

Somato Respiratory Integration

Somato Respiratory Integration

Somato Respiratory Integration (Body Breath Integration) enhances and creates conscious awareness and participation with the body as a tool to experience life with increasing depth of internal connection and wider ranges of human expression.



Myofascial Release is a very safe and effective hands-on massage technique that involves applying gentle sustained pressure into the myofascial connective tissue restrictions to restore motion.

Monthly Classes

Monthly Classes

We offer monthly classes that are open to our practice members as well as the community. These classes focus on the principles of Network Spinal Analysis, diving deeper into a specific topic each month.

Community Events

Community Events

Community is a major focus here at Self Unbound and we constantly strive to keep that connection. We host monthly community events where facilitators of various types come and share their gifts! We have done everything from Gong Meditations to Painting Classes.

About NSA

What is Network Spinal Analysis and what can it do for ME?

Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) is an evidence-based chiropractic approach to health and wellness created by Dr. Donald Epstein in 1987. This technique guides your body in creating sustainable, efficient strategies within the nervous system to release tension and adapt to stress. NSA utilizes light touches to specific areas along the spine assisting your body in finding tension patterns within the connective tissue that pull the spine out of position altering your entire nervous system. Your nervous system is the gateway to your experience and expression of life. It receives and interprets information from your body and your environment, then regulates how you respond and adapt to it. It is the facilitator of all healing, perception, movement, emotion, and thought. 

Connective tissue tension patterns can develop from physical, emotional, or mental trauma. Trauma occurs when we experience any stimulation that is too great for the nervous system to process at once, therefor the information and experience gets stored within the tissues of the body. When you have stored tension in your body, that tension puts stress on your nervous system and depletes it of energy and resources, which creates dis-ease and limits your capacity for life. 

Through NSA care, you gain access to a greater connection with your body so it can effectively heal, grow, and adapt to life and its challenges. Under our care you will start to recognize areas where you’ve limited yourself physically, emotionally or psychologically, and begin feeling empowered to shift your experience of life in a energy efficient way.

Results from Network Spinal Analysis include but are not limited to: increased energy, more focused concentration, less anxiety, more ease, less pain, better sleep, more self-empowerment and joy, and quicker recovery and healing!


So how does Network Spinal Analysis work?

NSA utilizes precise and gentle touches along your spine to cue the brain to become self-aware of learned tension patterns (areas that are constantly draining you of precious energy and resources). The stored tension patterns may be learned as a protective response against physical, emotional, or chemical trauma.

Throughout care, your nervous system will learn new strategies to self-manage and regulate the tension being stored (bound energy) in your body. It will also learn to manage new stress and even use it to your advantage by using the “liberated energy” as fuel to constantly reorganize, adapt and evolve.

The development of a respiratory wave that moves along your spine is one of the primary strategies your body will learn to distribute energy and tension. Another strategy that will develop will be a deep muscle movement based wave along your spine. This will assist in unwinding tension and allowing the spine to move freely and stay well-adjusted.

Through care, most will experience a greater self-awareness and conscious awakening of the relationships between the body, mind, emotions, and expression of the human spirit. This creates an exponentially increased quality of life, allowing you to live up to your fullest potential.

Progressing through Levels of Care

Level 1:

The first level of care is all about discovery! Your brain and nervous system will connect to and discover parts of you that it has lost awareness of, tension stored in your body that is depleting your nervous system, and current strategies the body is using to manage and adapt to stress.


Level 2:

Level two care transforms old tension into new energy! Here the body learns to let go of these old patterns of storing tension, create new efficient methods of moving the energy and resources, and broaden its capacity to take on more stress and opportunity with ease. It is the release of old bound energy within the body that provides the additional fuel for growth and neurological reorganization!


Level 3:

As your body and nervous system reach more intricate levels of self awareness and energy efficiency, it will awaken a new sense of self. With more sustainable and utilizable energy, your nervous system will encompass a broader sense of awareness. You will experience a greater capacity for interacting with the world and a broader palate of emotional experiences. With increased connectivity within, you also experience more connection and purpose in your day to day life.

Our Team

Dr. Amy Gunderson

Dr. Amy Gunderson


Dr. Amy Gunderson has always had a passion for healing and personal growth. She grew up in Tacoma, Washington and went to school for massage therapy while still attending high school through the Running Start program. Dr. Amy practiced massage along side a variety of chiropractors when she realized the chiropractic vision and philosophy aligned with her life’s passion of decreasing the suffering of others while empowering them to step into their self-healing potential. Dr. Amy found Network Spinal Analysis while attending Parker University in Dallas, Texas as a chiropractic student. The technique was unlike anything she had ever experienced before and was a catalyst for immense growth and healing in her own life. After this experience, she knew it was her soul’s calling to share NSA with the world. Her vision led her to co-create a powerful environment for self-empowerment and healing at Self Unbound in Dallas, Texas where she expresses her passion and inspires growth and conscious awakening.

Dr. Tyler Lewis

Dr. Tyler Lewis


An Arkansas native, Dr. Tyler Lewis graduated from Hendrix College in Conway, Arkansas with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Pursuing this degree, Tyler became fascinated with the body’s natural balance and ever evolving mechanisms for growth and development. This led him to the doorstep of Chiropractic. Tyler attended Parker University in Dallas, Texas where he graduated with a Doctorate of Chiropractic in April 2016. In Chiropractic school, Tyler refined his attention to studying Consciousness and its effects on an individual’s total well-being. He first engrossed himself in the physical housing mechanisms of conscious expression, the brain, studying Functional Neurology through the Carrick Institute for two and a half years. Tyler then found something he did not recognize he was missing, a Chiropractic technique focused on guiding nervous system communication through subconscious blockages in order to create an even higher functionality and expression of an individual’s cognitive, emotional, and physical awareness and adaptability. This technique is Network Spinal Analysis. Propelled by the changes he experienced under NSA care, Tyler further refined his course to practicing NSA and has not looked back. Today, Tyler serves the Dallas, Texas community at Self Unbound where he pours his soul into sharing the same revolutionary shift in wellbeing with everyone he contacts.

Rachel Hartwell

Rachel Hartwell

Office Manager

Originally from Oklahoma, now based in Dallas, Texas. She has been drawing for as long as she can remember. Currently working on her Bachelor’s degree in visual arts at The University of Texas at Dallas, she creates work inspired by the beauty in her world.

Longtime friend of Amy she became interested in the benefits of Network and how it could be a huge tool in not only living her best life but a way to help others live their best life!
Kristina Rodriguez

Kristina Rodriguez

Massage Therapist/Yoga Instructor

Kristina Rodriguez is a graduate of the Lauterstein-Conway School of Massage in Austin, Texas as well as a graduate of Christina Sells Anusara Immersion and Teacher Training Program. As a healer and a teacher, she feels that it is her dharma in life to help others wake up to realize their highest truth and potential while at the same time awakening to her own. She is well trained in various bodywork modalities including: Anusara Yoga Therapy, Ashiatsu, Myofascial Release, Traditional Thai, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Pre/Post Natal Massage, and Hawaiian Lomi Lomi. Kristina integrates her studies of Yoga Philosophy, Bodywork, Shamanism, Eidetic Therapy and Nutrition into her practice. She strongly believes in the power of touch, and the innate ability of all human beings to obtain higher levels of consciousness.


Dr. Amy and Dr. Tyler are some of the most talented and caring chiropractors today. They are truly unique gems in the DFW community. They have magic in their hands and love in their hearts to unleash the potential within everyone who lays on their table.

Sam M., Dallas, TX

I have received network care for 3 years. And as a grad student who is chronically exposed to a lot of stress, I feel that much of my ability to stay both mentally, physically and emotionally keen is due to regular chiropractic care. I really appreciate working with both Drs. Tyler and Amy. Not only are they knowledgeable and experienced in their technique, but they have the ability to clearly communicate to me the process, educating me along the way. They are one of the few doctors I feel completely comfortable in expressing myself because of their genuine loving and welcoming presence.

Lynn T., Dallas, TX

You might be thinking NSA sounds too good to be true, but i can tell you first hand-it works! 2 years ago I tore my biceps muscle in my right arm. I’ve been having a recurring injury in my arm and shoulder off and on for many years. I had been doing alternative therapies that provided temporary relief, but began to think there was a deeper problem connected to it. Dr. Amy is a yoga student at my studio, and after learning about Network Spinal Analysis from her, I decided to give NSA a try. The results are amazing! Since starting my entrainments (adjustments) 6 months ago, my pain has diminished and the strength in my arm has increased exponentially. It’s changed my life physically, as I am much more confident and able to do the things I did before the injury. In addition, my energy has increased and I feel much calmer. I’m grateful for Dr. Amy Gunderson and Dr. Tyler Lewis for coming into my life!

Lisa B., Dallas, TX

I LOVE Dr. Amy Gunderson! She is wonderful! I see her myself for NSA and the changes I have seen have been amazing! Love the technique, love the practitioner, and her new space is BEAUTIFUL!

Jackie R., Plano, TX

Listening to how passionate Drs. Amy Gunderson and Tyler Lewis were about their work and the positive shifts that could occur from these treatments, I couldn’t wait to see what could happen. After my first session I had SO much energy. I’ve completed 8 sessions and the changes I’ve made have been incredible! I have more energy, my body doesn’t ache as much, my scoliosis seems to be subsiding, my thought processes have shifted, I’m not as quick to judge, get angry or involve myself in drama, and my cravings for alcohol have lessened. NSA truly is an amazing, healing practice and somewhat addicting because you want to keep growing and becoming the best you can.

Emy B., Dallas, TX

I had been on anxiety medication for 7 years and have gotten off of it completely due to Network Spinal Analysis. I can’t believe I was dependent on that medication for 7 years! Thanks to Dr. Amy Gunderson, NSA has eliminated my anxiety and helps a lot with stress, I’ve never felt better!

Liz C., Dallas, TX

I went to see Dr. Tyler Lewis and the team at Self Unbound 3 months ago with the intention of getting my neck pain fixed. I was hopeful after watching a television segment about the NSA technique and figured I’d give it a try. I had no idea that the results would be so much farther reaching than just fixing my neck problems. I soon experienced better sleep patterns, deeper sleep, reduced anxiety and more mental clarity. I highly recommend the NSA treatment and suggest that you be prepared for amazingly beneficial results!

Dave L., Dallas, TX


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