“If you trade your authenticity for safety, you may experience the following: anxiety, depression, eating disorders addiction, rage, blame, resentment, and inexplicable grief”

-Brene Brown


To be UNBOUND means to be in the TRUEST expression of your AUTHENTIC Self. Who you truly ARE. Not who you are TOLD to be, not who you were CONDITIONED to be, not who you are EXPECTED to be, not who you think you SHOULD be, not who OTHERS think you are. Your Authentic Self is WHO YOU ACTUALLY ARE.

We all have a UNIQUE signature in this world. A UNIQUE Mathematical Equation that places everyone on their own UNIQUE path. That’s what is being expressed when people say or feel that they have found their PURPOSE or PASSION. It is being drawn toward the things that FUEL you, the things that light you up! Life is SUPPOSED to light you up! That’s how you know you are living in your AUTHENTIC NATURE!

Have you ever heard the saying “Your vibe attracts your tribe” ? If you look around you or within you and feel assaulted, that may mean you have been living INAUTHENTICALLY. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the people around you have to change. They are responding to your INAUTHENTIC nature. That doesn’t feel good because it’s not SUPPOSED to feel good!

As WE change, the people AROUND us change. As we become more AUTHENTIC, the people and things that do not resonate with our authentic nature are REPLACED by the people and things that DO!

What if we had our OWN UNIQUE MAP embedded within our being that is guiding us toward the PEOPLE, PLACES, and THINGS meant for us so that we can make the GREATEST IMPACT on the WORLD?

And when we try to FORCE impact on those things that are NOT uniquely for us, we struggle so we know something is NOT RIGHT?

Wouldn’t life be MORE amazing if WE knew what was BEST for us? If WE knew what our PURPOSE was? If WE knew the direction we needed to go?

Our Authentic Self DOES know all these things! So it’s time to get to KNOW our SELF UNBOUND!