“Unexpressed emotions tend to stay in the body like small ticking time bombs, they are illnesses in incubation.” – Marilyn Van Derbur

Emotions are simply ENERGY in MOTION. They are a physical response to a mental stimulus. Emotions are meant to change the chemistry in every cell of our body so we can adapt to the situation at hand.

When we freely express and connect to emotion, we flow WITH life and get to participate in all the depths of experience that life has to offer.

When we try to control, suppress, or logic our way out of experiencing an emotion, major problems present.

The energy that was in motion comes to a sudden halt and gets stored in the connective tissue of various parts of our body. This stored tension can create quite a bit of pain. Pain is trying to get our attention by interrupting our life. It is telling us that something NEEDS to CHANGE. Our strategy of dealing with stress by not truly expressing emotion is not WORKING!

Aside from chronic pain, connective tissue tension creates stress on our nervous system and decreases our brain’s ability to communicate with that area. Now, disease and injury may occur as a result of the disconnection and lack of awareness.

Another issue that results from stored tension is the block that it creates to future expression of emotion, further snowballing the problem.

SO how do we express and connect to our emotions fully?

We must connect to the sensation the emotion creates in the body. We must be curious. Explore it. Ask ourselves questions. Where is this sensation? Is it moving? What does this emotion FEEL like? What does my BODY want to do? Am I letting it move freely? Do I feel uncomfortable? How can I open up and surrender more to this emotion?

Many times we try to connect with the THOUGHTS that pop up when we feel emotion. This is the mind trying to logic our way through it without actually having to experience the real emotion. We now are experiencing our CONCEPT of the emotion. And concepts are illusions, they are not reality. They are based on past information and experiences. Emotion is illogical and all about the present. It is trying to create a change in our body so we can adapt and move WITH life. And they change all the time!

The more we open up to our emotions, the more our life moves with ease. The more we allow our current emotions to stretch us, the greater range of emotions we get to feel. Life is about EXPERIENCE. There is a radical difference between joy and ECSTASY. Happiness and ELATION! We DESERVE to dive into a greater depth in life. It was meant to be RAWREAL, and BEAUTIFUL